Vendor and Sponsor Registration

Thank you very much for your participation as a Winter 4x4 Jamboree Sponsor/Vendor.
To get credit for the product portion of your donation, and to help our raffle volunteers and announcers best represent your company and product, we need to get some information from you.  To expedite the gathering of this information, we have two short forms for you to fill out. 
First step is to fill out a Company Form, giving us your contact information and value statement for your company.  A typical value statement would be something like "XYZ company is the leading manufacturer of off-road products in the USA.  All our products are fully guaranteed for a full year."   This form will also ask you for your sponsorship level and the amount of your cash payment.
After completing the Company Form, click the "Submit" button to save your results. 

Second, scroll down to Step 2, the Product Form, where you state the retail value (MSRP) and description of the products. You will also need to indicate whether you are bringing the product to us, or shipping it to our storage location (952 Westridge Dr., St. George, UT 84770). Also, please indicate the compatibility of the product. If you are donating multiples of any single item, enter the total Quantity. The form will do the math to ensure you are credited with the value of multiple identical items. 
For example, if you have three sets of seat covers worth $100 per set, put the quantity of 3 in the product form.  We will print 3 raffle labels (1 for each set) and credit your donation at $300. Then, if you fill out the second form for a winch worth $700, and quantity of 1 in the form, we will print out one label for it, and your total donation will be totaled on our spreadsheet as $1,000.
Note: Product donations must be new marketable products or certificates that can be exchanged for whole product (in other words... No SWAG, and no discount coupons!)  You are welcome to send us t-shirts and hats to toss out at the raffle, but they will not be included as a product donation.   

Once you have completed and submitted a Product Form for each unique product item, you're done.  We will print out raffle labels for each item.  Then, when your product arrives, we will label it and place it in the raffle storage.  After the product is received and labeled, we will credit your product contribution from the information you provided in these forms.  Thanks!

Step 1 - Register your Company 

Step 2 - Product Form