Double Sammy

Non-stop rapid fire challenges with some extra-hard options, Double Sammy packs about as many difficult challenges as possible into a relatively short distance.  It also has fantastic scenery.  The views from the trail are beautiful, but the drivers are honed in on the trail 10 feet ahead of them anytime they are in motion.  Lots of off camber and max steep climbs and descents.  


Fantastic views of Sand Hollow Reservoir just to the north, with Zion Park in the distance.  Hurricane Cliffs to the east, and Pine Valley Mountains to the West.


Sand Dunes up to the start of the slickrock (sandstone) cracks and ledges.  After a 70-foot max steep chute option, return is down the dunes back to Sand Hollow State Park.

Trail Details

Double Sammy will begin at Sand Hollow State Park and make its way up some deep sand dunes until it turns left into the nearby rocky sandstone. The first obstacle consists of a vertical wall and a consecutive series of steps which are by passable. The trail will meander its way through the sandstone cliffs with a beautiful and picturesque view of Sand Hollow Reservoir. There is an abundance of descents and accents. Midway through the trail, there is an optional obstacle called the Traverse as well as a pretty impressive and tricky 70-foot chute that is also by-passable. Rigs should have front and rear lockers, 33″ tires, and a winch. Expect possible body damage and/or mechanical breakdowns.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 1.4 Mi
Min Tire Size: 33+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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