Fault Line

The first quarter mile will wake you up!  The Fault Line is one of the favorites of many who have attended winter events in the St George area.  It is actually a short entry trail that feeds into the West Rim Trail, but since the obstacles on the Fault Line are more challenging, we run it for Winter 4x4 Jamboree with plenty of optional challenges on West Rim to keep the full length consistent with the Fault Line. 


Great views of Warner Valley from the tops of the cliffs.  St. George city, Pine Valley Moun-ains, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, the Arizona Strip, and Hurricane Cliffs keep the scenery meter pegged out on this trip.  The rock formations you drive through are a large part of the experience.  In the "Lunch Room" you can climb on foot out on a large table-top rock that gives a great view of Warner Valley and downtown St. George.  After the lunch, you optionally can drive through "The Wedge," where you will need to fold in your mirrors to avoid losing them as you pass between large two-rock fins.  Full-size trucks will have to take the bypass here!


Sandstone (slickrock) with ledges and waterfall climbs and descents.  Off-camber turns and loose stone climbs.  The return route is down sand dunes.  Narrow trails passing between rock fins.

Trail Details

Fault Line presents some challenges, beginning with a climb up a two-foot ledge that often reminds drivers they need to shift to 4-wheel drive.  Soon after, there is a very steep incline up a clay and sandstone hillside. Once on top, a driver is presented with the task of traversing across the edge of a jagged outcropping, a fault if you will. Once conquering the shelves on top of the fault, the driver is faced with a very steep descent. After the steep descent, drivers can do an "S" turn and go back up the steep wall, around a cluster of big rocks, then back down another steep descent.  From there, a sandy road lets you catch your breath on the way up to West Rim. On West Rim, there are several waterfall options and lots of challenging ledges and off-camber sections to match the challenge of the Fault Line.  

Rigs should have at minimum a lift and 31" tires.  One locker is good for driving up the steep incline with one side of your vehicle on dirt and the other on sandstone.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 5.2 miles
Min Tire Size: 33+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: No
Rear Locker: Yes

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