John's Trail

John's Trail is located in the heart of the Sand Mountain (aka Sand Hollow) OHV Area.  There are a few bypasses, and many optionals.  It is a fairly short (10 miles) trail with a chance for many optional obstacles, including climbing sand dunes, descending steep sand dunes, a very steep hot tub, many steep slickrock climbs, and lots of technical off-camber challenges.   This trail is good for modified stock jeeps and more built-up rigs. Body damage is possible. 


The access route to the trail is from the Hurricane Water Tanks, perched on the hill next to Sand Hollow Reservoir.  As you approach the sand dunes on the way to the first obstacles, you have a nice view of the Virgin River Valley in the Washington Dam area.  As you reach the top of the trail, marvel at views of Sand Hollow Reservoir with Zion Park in the distance.  The peaks of the Pine Valley Mountains to the west are usually snow capped during Winter 4x4 Jamboree. From the top of the trail, you will drop back into the big canyon at the bottom of the steep sand dunes area where you first came in from the water tanks.


Staging from Hurricane Water Tanks and turning west across sandy two-tracks to the top of sand dunes.  Descend the dunes and then up the sandy roads on the opposite side to a slickrock area. This first optional area offers steep slickrock challenges.  On up a sandy two-track along the edge of a deep canyon until reaching the start of the main trail.  This is a small wash that leads to a steep slickrock hill and continues up the hill to many ledgy, steep, and off-camber challenges.  The top of the trail turns down a two-track road and descends down to a steep sand hill then goes to the bottom of the sand dunes you came in on. 

Trail Details

John's trail starts with a trip west from the Hurricane Water Tanks to a sand dunes area.  After dropping into the bottom of the dunes, you climb up the opposite side to an optional area with a steep climb up up a wall.  On the top, you must turn right immediately or drop into  Johnny's Hot Tub at an impossible angle.  After the right turn, you have the choice of going in the hot tub from the east and making a very difficult turn in the bottom, or backing in... or just doing a bypass to move on to more sane obstacles.  There is a hard optional climb just to the east of Johnny's Hot Tub that has created several rollovers.  Most folks bypass that one, also.  From there, it is back on the two-track road and on to the main section of John's Trail. 

The trail continues on through more deep sand and eventually a series of rocky, off-camber, suspension flexing gulches. The trail ends with some steep ledges and some optional 8 to 9+ obstacles. Rigs should be equipped with two lockers, a winch, and 33″ tires minimum. Bypasses are available for the more difficult obstacles. Expect possible body damage and/or mechanical breakdowns.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 8.4 miles
Min Tire Size: 33+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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