Joint Effort

Joint Effort starts with a sandy drive up a wide wash, then the fun begins!  This trail has many steep slickrock climbs and dropoffs, with lots of of off camber to add more challenge.  Rollovers are common.  There are a few slot canyons that add to the fun.  At one point, the trail crosses the Double Sammy trail in a narrow canyon with sandy bottom. Each consecutive obstacle will be increasingly difficult, so tighten those belts, and be ready for some fun! 


If you take a little time to catch your breath between the obstacles, you can look behind you and see beautiful views of Sand Hollow Reservoir with Zion Park in the distance.  You can also see the Pine Valley Mountains.  They are usually capped with snow during Winter 4x4 Jamboree.


Slickrock walls and sandy bottoms

Trail Details

This trail is a series of big obstacles, with each one more difficult than the last.  The short distance between the major obstacles has some challenges to keep you entertained.  Once you make it through, there is a trip down the sand dunes to clear out the pipes.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 3 miles
Min Tire Size: 37+ inches
Winch: Yes
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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