Toquerville Falls

This easy SUV trail goes to an awesome set of waterfalls on La Verkin Creek.  In the winter the falls vary in depth, but you can usually pull out and get a snapshot of your vehicle fording the creek above the falls.  There are a few bonus stops along the way back. One stop is to the Toquerville Towers, perched on a steep mountaintop above I-15 and the small town of Toquerville.  The next stop will be at the Babylon Mill.  This is an abandoned mill located on the banks of the Virgin River just north of La Virken. The last stops are at historic silver mines and graveyard in the Silver Reef area.


The road from Toquerville to the falls is very scenic, with great views to Kolob Canyon area to the north.  Toquerville Falls are a set of horseshoe shaped falls that drop into a nice grotto.  From Toquerville Towers there are panoramic views of parts of  Zion Park, Pine Valley Mountains, Leeds, Silver Reef, Sand Mountain, and Hurricane Cliffs.  The Babylon Mill is in a pretty spot along the Virgin River.  Watch for Desert Tortoise along the way to the Mill, as this is in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  The mines at Silver Reef are at the base of beautiful red rock cliffs with Pine Valley Mountains towering above them.


Most of the roads are paved.  There are several miles of bumpy dirt road, and a steep rocky climb up to the towers.  The road down to Toquerville Falls may have erosion, but is usually passable by stock SUV's.  The road to Babylon is graded sand.

Trail Details

The access road down to Toquerville Falls may have some washouts, but there are bypasses to them.  The road to the towers is steep and rocky, but it is maintained.  There may be soft sand on the road to Babylon Mills.  This trail is passable by stock SUV vehicles with lowered tire pressures.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 38 miles
Min Tire Size: stock
Winch: No
Front Locker: No
Rear Locker: No

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