West Rim Lite Trail

Most of West Rim Lite Trail tours the rim of Sand Mountain, with spectacular views of Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir, St. George City, Warner Valley and the Hurricane Cliffs. The trail is mainly sandy road, with a few slickrock challenges and a sand dunes crossing. Stock 4x4 vehicles with properly inflated tires will enjoy this trail with a few challenges to prove their capabilities. Most of the trail is scenic four-wheeling.

West Rim Lite Trail begins at the Washington Dam staging area. A sandy wash is followed to a dirt two-track, leading up the side of Sand Mountain. After a sandy section with a marked intersection, the trail leads up to “The Steps” obstacle, with progressively bigger steps to the right. Almost immediately after The Steps, the trail comes to “The Funnel,” which is a 36-inch high ledge with no bypass. Careful rock stacking is required for stock-height vehicles, and long rear overhang vehicles may drag their bumpers or hitches. There are a few smaller ledges before reaching the hilltop. The next section, known as “West Rim Boulevard,” is the main route along the ridge of Sand Mountain. West Rim Trail will depart to the right at a marked intersection. After a bumpy section, the trail travels the edge of West Rim with beautiful views of Warner Valley. Next is a group of large monoliths called “The Toll Gates,” followed by a steep rocky climb to meet back with West Rim Boulevard at the top. Along the Boulevard, views of Warner Valley, Arizona Strip, Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, and Hurricane Cliffs surround you. At the end of West Rim Boulevard, there is a descent to the mesa at the top of “Competition Hill.” Here, the trail takes a tricky S-turn down the sand and then traverses the Hurricane Sand Dunes before reaching the East Rim Trail. More sand, slickrock steps and dirt trails complete the East Rim section of this trail. West Rim Lite Trail ends east of Sand Hollow Reservoir.



Incredible views of Warner Valley and the city of St. George are along West Rim.  Beautiful views of Zion Park, Warner Valley, Arizona Strip, Sand Hollow Reservoir, and snow-capped Pine Valley Mountains surround you from the West Rim Boulevard. 


Most of West Rim Lite trail is on sandy two-track road.  The initial climb from the Washington Dam staging area is sand and clay.  There are sandstone (slickrock) ledges along the way, and a loose stone climb from the rim up to West Rim Boulevard. There is a downhill sand dune crossing.  

Trail Details

The Steps, a ledgy section has variable difficulty depending on the route chosen.  Left is easy, and to the right is progressively more difficult.  The Funnel is a rounded 30" ledge that requires a few rocks stacked for stock height vehicles.  A loose stone climb from West Rim up to West Rim Boulevard requires 4 wheel drive.  The sand dunes crossing at the midpoint is downhill.  The East Rim section after the dunes has several ledgy areas with up to 12" ledges.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 5.1
Min Tire Size: stock
Winch: No
Front Locker: No
Rear Locker: No