Plan B

Plan B is located at the far south edge of the Hurricane Sand Dunes.  The trip from the Hurricane Water Tanks is bumpy until you reach the upper dunes, and then you get to try out your dunes capability.  Once you reach the trail, you start right off with an off-camber ditch that leans you close to a rock ledge on your right.  Then, you get to climb a max steep hill, then drop down to a max steep drop and a max off-camber turn with an imposing rock on the right.  From there, the trail delivers continuous challenges and incredible scenery.  After the trail, you can drive down the dunes and enjoy the views of Sand Hollow Reservoir with Zion Park in the background.


Plan B takes you far out past the sand dunes of Sand Mountain.  It is a very scenic drive through the sand dunes or across the top of West Rim and down to the edge of the dunes.  Plan B meanders its way through a few challenging hills and washes, then follows the edge of Sand Mountain with big views of the Arizona Strip and Warner Valley below. 


Sand dunes to the entrance, then slickrock with ledges, cracks, steep walls, and off-camber shelf roads.  Return is via the sand dunes.

Trail Details

After the trip up the dunes to the entry, the steep climb and drop-in sometimes catch drivers off guard.  There are two off-camber turns that most drivers find unnerving.  The "Tilt a Whirl" is an off-camber narrow shelf that is poised above a thirty-foot drop-off.  There are some optional obstacles to give the trail a little more of a punch. A highlight of this scenic but challenging drive is "Kissing Turtles" (a small arch) found along the cliff-side.  This is the perfect spot for lunch before turning back.  And of course, we have to find some more obstacles on our way. Rigs should have a lift and a minimum of 35" tires andfront and rear lockers.  


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 18 miles
Min Tire Size: 33+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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