For years, people in search of Milt's Mile would miss the turnout of the wash, and come to to a tiny little slot canyon at the head of the canyon  They would look at it and say, "No Way!  A few years ago, a local group of rockoholics decided to see if there was something passable beyond the gatekeeper.  They used the entrance of Milt's Mile, hung a right where Milt had turned left, and dropped into the canyon. Voila! The New Trail (TNT) was born!  

Since then, this little trail has devoured a lot of parts.  Enter with a windshield and straight body, exit with a lot of glass on your lap and "interesting" contours on your side panels.  Welcome to TNT!


Beautiful blue Sand Hollow Resrvoir surrounded by red sand.  Zion Park in the distance.  The snow-capped peaks of Pine Valley Mountains to the west, and Hurricane Cliffs to the east.  Lots of interesting rock formations... that you drive over, through, and into!


Sand and slickrock

Trail Details

This trail is not for the faint of heart.  In order to drop into T.N.T., the driver must first conquer a gatekeeper that is very intimidating and will have your rig leaning to its side so much so that it will be scraping against the rock.  After managing to get past the gatekeeper (which has turned many away), the driver is now faced with some very intimidating falls and climbs. There are a few obstacles that can really cause some carnage.  If you do not have boatsides before entering T.N.T., you may have them when you manage to make your way out.  

T.N.T is a trail that requires very capable rigs and skilled drivers. There is almost a certainty of some body damage.  Rigs should be at a minimum locked front and rear with 35" tires and rocker protection.  We recommend, from personal experience, that you remove the windshield before attempting or have an exocage. There is almost always a guarantee that someone will receive some body damage or mechanical breakdown.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 2.1 miles
Min Tire Size: 37+ inches
Winch: Yes
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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