Milt's Mile Lite

Most of Milt’s Mile Light Trail follows along the edge of Milt’s Mile Trail. Several sections are part of the original Milt’s Mile, and a couple of sections are shared with the current Milt’s Mile. This trail affords spectacular views of Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Hurricane Cliffs, and Zion Park. During the Jamboree, there is a great spot to watch the “entertainment” when the 6-rated Milt’s Mile vehicles negotiate a tough section in the canyon below. A couple of intimidating sections at the beginning, earn a 4 rating. With good spotting on a few obstacles, stock high clearance 4x4 vehicles with competent drivers can successfully negotiate this trail. Much of the trail is easy slickrock and some sand.



Beautiful views of the Sand Hollow Reservoir immediately to the north, with Zion Park in the distance.  Pine Valley Mountains, which are usually snow-capped during Winter 4x4 Jamboree are a few miles to the west.  Hurricane Mesa is to the west, with the rock formations of lower Sand Mountain nestled in the sand dunes immediately to the west.


Slickrock (sandstone) with several sections of two-track and some sand dunes at the end.

Trail Details

Milt’s Mile Light Trail begins at the Hurricane Water Tanks staging area. The access route follows along the north boundary fence on a two-track sand trail for 3/4 mile, turning south into a sandy wash, and up to a slickrock bowl where the fun begins. A couple of slickrock climbs provide a good warm up and an opportunity to see what stock-clearance vehicles are capable of doing. The bowl looks pretty tough, but careful driving and good spotting will award drivers with the feeling of conquering it. From here, the trail will go up a ledgy road, giving drivers a chance to check their clearance in a couple of spots. An overlook stop near the top of this section, is where you can watch the show as the 6-rated Milt’s Mile vehicles negotiate tough obstacles in the canyon below. The next section drops down a couple of ledges into a small canyon, and then up a bypass around “The Crack” obstacle on Milt’s Mile. The route continues up a wide section of slickrock, then crosses over a dry wash. A short trip along the base of some nice rock formations, including a large hoodoo, and you are out of the canyon. Be sure to stop at this point and enjoy the views looking back. From here, cross over a broken fence line, and head west 3/4 mile, then north to a cattle-guard crossing. Follow the sandy road north 1 1/4 miles to arrive at the Hurricane Water Tanks staging area.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 6.2 miles
Min Tire Size: 31+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: No
Rear Locker: No

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